A Few Questions to Najla

What motivates and inspires you?

My family/loved ones motivate me. I want to make them proud like they do me. I'm a huge family girl and my best friends mean the world to me. The people I support in my job role as a support worker. I can be more myself around them than anyone. They never judge and love you for who you are. Anyone that works hard to achieve their goals. I see this a lot on Instagram and get lots of motivation from the pictures and videos on there. MUSIC! I can't live with out it. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is put music on, to put me in a good mood at the start of the day. I have a vast taste. I could be listening to Tracey Chapman one minute then Drake the next. It's important to motivate yourself too. You are your only competition.

What are your strengths?
I am a very positive person and it takes a lot to put me in a bad mood. I try to see the best in everyone and make humour of a bad situation. I like to make everyone feel included and comfortable and most of all make people laugh.. or make myself laugh trying Haha. I push myself to try new experiences and not let fear hold me back. This being one of them (working abroad)
What about your weaknesses, where do you need support?
I have a huge heart so I find it difficult to get or stay mad at anyone even if they are in the wrong....Unless they upset my nearest and dearest.
Where I see myself in 5 years time?

I would love two children so maybe I would have had one by then...Just need to find Prince charming first. I'm pretty fussy which is starting to annoy my Nan Haha. I'd like to have done more travelling and working abroad. Maybe Go Provence will have me back next year if I do a good job this year.  I want to see more of India. I went to Goa for my 30th last year and totally fell in love with the whole experience. There was an adventure around every corner.

I'd also like to focus on an activity work shop for people with disabilities in my area combining my 2 passions: My job and Art, especially printed design and textiles. It would be awesome to be pretty good at French by then too.

Do you have any personal ambitions? 
I qualified with an ordinary degree in social care practise in 2007.  Last year early 2014 I returned to college while working full time to achieve my honours degree. During the course I had to defer half way through due to ill health and I have returned this year to full health and completed my honours degree in social care. 
My next goal is to learn French. 

What is the highlight of working for Go Provence?

This will be my first Go Provence experience so you will have to ask me in a few months. I am SO excited. I want to ensure everyone has the best time and encourage/motivate people to fulfil their summer dreams.

Finally, if you were set adrift on a desert island which three albums, three films, three books and one luxury, what would you take?

Ooo this is a tough one, its really hard to just choose 3 of each... 

3 Films
Dirty Dancing
Me before You
3 Books
 I love reading but I don't get a lot of spare time to, probably an autobiography as I find those really interesting. Love a true story!
3 Albums
Alicia Keys - The diary of Alicia Keys
Tracey Chapman - New Beginning
Massive Attack
Luxurious item