What Motivates and Inspires you?

Today it’s my work I just love been around the individuals I support. They are so non-judgemental they accept me into their lives and inspire me. They are always so happy to see me and always make me smile. I enjoy organising events and days out and seeing the happiness and excitement it brings.  

When I was a child it was my mum, she was a wonderful mum and inspired both my brother and myself to embrace life and people. To be kind and work hard and above all, enjoy what you do!  This has stayed with me all my life.

What are your strengths?

I am a very calm person, good in a crisis. I am also very practical. I am a peoples person  I always look at the positives in every situation. I will always go the extra mile. I will always stand up for what is right. I am not afraid to try something new even when it is outside my comfort zone. I am also a good listener. Anyone for tea?

What about your weaknesses?

I find it hard to say no! Keeping up with paperwork! Always tend to put it on the long finger!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still working but maybe in a foreign country but not too far away from my family and friends.

Personal ambitions?

Travel and to learn a new language  

Gaining new experiences, meeting and making new friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Can’t wait!

Finally, if you were set adrift on a desert island which three albums, three films three books and one luxurious item would you take?

Always hard to choose but here goes 

Three albums:

Greatest Hits - Abba   

The Concert for Bangladesh - Various Artists  

and Blue - Joni Mitchell

Three Books:

Recently read

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

Oldies Affinity by Sarah Waters 

The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

Three Films:


It’s a Wonderful Life  

Bridget Jones Diary 

Luxurious item - Shampoo so I could keep control of my mad hair!